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utopiaplanitiafleetyard replied to your photoset “The look of my Guardians at the end of the beta. Warlock was…”

Warlock was supper freaking fun. The balance of the class was something I cannot wait to play with more. I found the titan to be refreshing through. Very in-your-face rough and tumble. And I really liked punching Knights.

I can’t wait to unlock the subclass for the Warlock—all the classes really—and see how that it. But throwing nova bombs never got old.

I’m usually more of a ranged fighter, I think that’s why the Titan didn’t work for me as much. Though, I did have my moments of being in the enemies face with my Warlock, which probably isn’t the best idea. It was pretty fun punching everything as a Titan, though.






Please take one minute out of your day and watch this. It’s the ugly truth.

I hear no lies.


I did not think she would go there but then she did I literally screamed YAAAAAASSSSS BITCH DRAG THEM LIKE YOU’RE TRYNA WALK A CAT

oh shit

The look of my Guardians at the end of the beta.

Warlock was definitely my favorite class, and the one I was looking forward to playing the most. Come on, a fucking space wizard. How can you go wrong with that?

Titan was okay. Don’t think the powers of that class suited me. Still will most likely give it a go in the main game, can’t say how the subclass will be like.

Hunter was the last class I tried, but quickly became my number two class. I liked the idea of the knife throw ability, but I didn’t do so well with it; the ability did make me want the Warlock to have a ranged melee, though.



how about everyone takes a step back from their tumblr feminism and thinks that maybe people dont hate sabetha because she’s a woman or because she did a boo boo to poor lockey locke, but because she’s bi dimensional mary sue in every absolute level whose only flaw is a typical sueish ‘fake flaw’ (a flaw that doesn’t depend on the character i.e being a redhead) and how i can back that statement with a shitton of arguments (like the baron turning to us readers from a grieving, newly orphaned noble with an interest in plays and weapons and a desire to more or less forgive a commoner, towards a drunkard, rapist, possible murderer, all because he became a competitor for locke and thus, fulfilling the nerdgeek fantasy of friendzoning (see patrick rothfuss, see countless others) every man on the opposite end of the line is pure evil and only you deserve the woman who can’t be conquered). with the casual ‘dont get me wrong’, i admire and respect scott lynch, but those snippets of feminism in RoT that concerned sabetha were misplaced and perhaps a tad pathetic (locke inquiring if sabetha is upset to which she replies something along the lines of ‘so men are allowed to be upset but because im a woman i have to shoot sunshine out my ass’ was purely out of line and i’ll stop at that before i make this long enough to discourage everyone but let’s just say that pretty much no actual woman/mature girl would ever throw that in) so in the end of this clusterfuck rant we have some major points:

  • stop idealizing females in fantasy novels (basically all novels or movies or any fucking creative process)
  • most of us don’t need your pity fuck of ‘oh you’re so superior women rule i agree even though im a man women are better than me’ because the thing we aim for is equality and recognition
  • everyone on tumblr and sites of the sort should stop falling for that sugared piss scam in which men design a character that’s everything a breathing living woman will never be (but they give her some bitterness and some heels and voila she isnt a robot anymore look she hates the world too) so just kindly stop with the playlists/poems of for girls that shatter the world under their boots while wearing star stained lipstick and dancing in the sound of men crying for their touch and also cooking pasta and look they just killed a shark too
  • or at least stop shaming someone else for hating on a female character i will fuck you up for that i dont care if you fall for your half assed idealization of a woman but dont you dare call someone sexist just because they want to see real characters so unless they specifically say shit like “i hate that cunt because she should be a man” then you are not fucking allowed to look down on anyone or call them anything because they hate a fictional character (for non discriminatory reasons) whose gender race sexuality is oppressed here in the real world which let’s face it most of you dont visit all that often
  • away from the risk of getting aggressive here are the final points

it’s okay to hate sabetha

it’s okay to like sabetha and that might mean you’re way more perceptive than i am because i couldn’t find a single non mary sue-like thing about her so honest congratulations

jean is awesome goodnight

Disclaimer: I agree with the following points: It is okay to hate Sabetha. It is okay to like Sabetha. Jean is awesome. (I DEFINITELY agree with that last one. We can ALL agree with that last one.)

Here are the things I disagree with.

Put under a cut because spoilers. :D

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SDCC ‘14: Next Mass Effect Gets New Information at SDCC; Male and Female Armor Shown



New information about the next Mass Effect game has been shared at BioWare’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con. You can check out a quick recap below.

  • The next Mass Effect has a “Spiritual Successor” vibe.
  • Frostbite 3 allows the animation team to do things they “couldn’t even imagine before.”
  • Speaking of customization, the team wants to give players as much choice as possible.
  • It’ll be set during Shepard’s life time, but won’t involve him/her. It’s a completely new story.
  • Cooperative multiplayer is more important for BioWare than competitive.
  • Some of the characters from old games may make an appearance.
  • It’s too early to announce composers and races available to the players.
  • The mako will return, and it’s very fast.
  • The game isn’t titled Mass Effect 4, at least for now.
  • No release window was provided during the panel.


Andrea Rene and Nerd Appropriate

I love playing Brienne of Tarth because, when I was growing up, I didn’t really see people on television that I felt that I could identify with. Women all looked kind of a particular way, women characters that were popular, anyway. And when I had the opportunity to play this part, it made me explore the parts of myself I had hidden from. I had very long hair. I wanted to look very feminine, really tall. (x)

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